Major Fashion Mistakes That Spoil Your Look

Fashion come and go yes but there are some things that almost never change and generally cannot be changed either. The following are some of the main mistakes made by people when it comes to the field of clothing.

While you can find outfits in various colors, you need to go for colors that work with your skin tone. Yes that dress may look so gorgeous on the model at a runway but may seem to look horrible on you. Experiment with colors and see what sort of color matches you the most and be with them. No one wants to look pale or washed out spending so much money.

Another major fashion don’t of any style consultant is wearing clothes that a smaller that your size. If your clothes don’t fit you, well it about time you go shopping. You might be able to squeeze you way into that outfit, but to the outside wore lf you might look like an overfed. If you aren’t comfortable and feel yourself tight within like a tied up chicken, why buy such clothes? Visit this link for more info on style consultant Melbourne.

Many of personal stylist St Kilda have pointed out that a common fashion, is take is either too much make up or inappropriate make up. A good make up is lighter during the day, slightly heavier in the evening and very sheer during sports. Just like you change your outfits for different occasions, the makeup should change accordingly as well. And if you are still into those vintage make up styles, it’s about time you get yourself some new styles Never let your perfect outfit go down the drain with worn out, ripped shoes. It will kill the complete image. If they look like they could be fixed, I suggest you give it to a repair shop. Polish them regularly and of course, if you plan on wearing the same pair of shoes every day. It is time you invest on a good pair of shoes that are durable as well as comfortable.

Another big no-no in fashion is having chipped nail polish on and having broken nails, this is why you need to have a nail file in your purse at all costs, and as for chipped nail polish, paint over it or remove it all completely and paint it fresh. Of course, if you are in the business field, it is for the bet you stay away from neon colors and funky shades. It will not match your career status what so ever.Well these are some of the big and common don’t s. hope you got yourself thinking of what to wear and how to, fingers crossed!