Lock In Your Look With The Right Footwear

Shoes of all shapes, sizes, colours, designs and functionality are out there in the market. Whilst footwear makes up a wardrobe essential for men women alike, it is also increasingly taking precedence in the ever-evolving fashion industry. With too many contending alternatives out there, it is never an easy task to pick out the right pair of shoes. Keep reading below for few useful tips and tricks on how to nail your choice of footwear with your outfit.  

Flat sandals

Less high maintenance than high heels and more refined than flip-flops, sandals offer the ultimate balance between style and comfort. Due to this reason, it has become quite a fashion fad in recent times. Sandals are extremely snug pieces of footwear that are available in a wide range of colours and designs to individuals of all ages. They are commonly used to pull off the perfect easy-going look and are known to team up well with casual summer dresses Australia that makes a trendy holiday look.

Peep toes

An easy tip to remember! Peep toes and bare legs makes a killer look combination. So, when wearing a dress that is of knee length or very short, peep toe heels would be the way to go. Another variation of this is peep toe wedges, that have become increasingly popular for more casual looks and is a great match with a casual shirt and pair of denims.

Pump shoes

This screams urban chic and is incredible when worn with any outfit with a classy appeal. Complementing looks like pencil skirts, pantsuits, formal dresses and office pants is a great idea. They can also be paired well with denims and long trench coats for the ultimate winter look that is next level.

Stiletto Heels

People are often confused what the difference is between pumps and stilettos. It seems a lot less confusing when you think of stilettos as all high heels that are not covered in front. These shoes easily take the cake when it comes to pulling off a glamorous look for a black-tie event. Full-length, flowy gowns and maxi dresses look their best when combined with the perfect stiletto.


Alternatively known as baby dolls, girls consider these shoes an absolute blessing in disguise. They go with literally any outfit, whether it is a dress, pant, jeans or even shorts. If it is in the right shade, preferable a darker one, then you are sorted! Wearing the right footwear is undoubtedly a deal breaker! You would know this if you have spent a long, busy day in a pair of super uncomfortable shoes. While these are some tips to consider when mixing and matching outfits with commonly used footwear, you should always strive to strike a balance between style and comfort.